Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily (Without referral)


Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily: General Information about Ayuwage


I am going tell you about Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily (Without referral). Ayuwage is a PTC site but not fully a PTC site and free to join from all over the world. It’s ad viewing or website visiting style looks similar like PTC. This is a site where a member can earn money and also a source of real quality visitors and adsense income booster for a website owner or advertiser. Ayuwage launched February 2010 and it’s sister site is Innocurrent, And all types of works on Innocurrent are 100% same as Ayuwage. This is a 100% fully trusted paying legit ptc site to work with. They have no scam. You will earn credits here not directly $(One credit equals $0.0005), when you will reach 10,000 credits you can cash out then(10,000 credits equals $5.00).

Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily


You can earn money by working various jobs like visiting sites, search for a site, visiting sites and click ads on them, visit through email, survey, offers, auto-surf, contest etc. You will get paid $0.001-$2.50 for working their provided individual jobs. Advertiser’s will get quality and real visitor from them by spending a particular amount of money.

But now only i will tell you about Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily (Without referral). So lets start….

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First you need to register! or register on Ayuwage, Just visit this link and click register then follow all the steps. Watch all details from sign up to cash out on video.

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Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily: Grow Your Ayuwage Earning and Ayuwage Referral System

If you want to grow your earning from Ayuwage you should work every day each types of work or jobs they provided. Geo location will take effect to getting amounts of ads or jobs, usually you will get 35+ ads(with survey). Continue checking after several minutes for jobs, they provide jobs after several minutes once you completed all available jobs.
Also there are a very good and attractive Ayuwage referral system. You can refer 200 referral and you will get 15% income from them. If they earn $1 you will get $0.15 as a referrer. Also you can rent referrals of only a very small amount of money.

Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily: Ayuwage Rules you must follow at any cost

1. 1 account for 1 PC or 1 IP address.
2. You will get full instructions from them for all types of jobs a member can do, just follow those instructions if not in 3 times in a row then you will get a warning from them. Once you got 3 warning then your account will be suspended forever.
3. After got 1 or 2 warning just stop working and log out from our account wait 24-48 hours you warning will remove automatically.
4. Do not use any proxy, IP hider software or vpn software, if you do your account will be suspended. (Last on video I told that a vpn can be more productive for earning but in this days it is very harmful for in current account.)
5. Click fraud is type of internet crime and should be careful about it on Ayuwage.

6. If you didn’t complete a survey after started close it, if it remains open without completion you can get a warning for it.

Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily: Payment

Minimum payment amount is $5.00, Ayuwage Payment processors are Paypal & Payza. After send a payment request it will take 7-10 business days to process. First they will send a email to your main email account with payment receiving date. Also there are some different types of system like Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, Walmart gift card etc are available.

It’s about 1 year and 4 months I am working for Ayuwage and This is my 58th Ayuwage payment proof.

Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily


Ayuwage money making strategy earn $5-$6 daily: Support

They have forum where users interact with each other and staff members and admin post latest news about changes to the site. Forum is an important platform where people can discuss, communicate with other members, staffs. You can contact with support from your account also by submitting support ticket.

Thanks for reading, if you have any question or feeling any problem about Ayuwage just write a comment below. Keep earning, keep smiling.



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