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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Baidu : How can I will optimize for baidu?

Usually SEO efforts square measure directed towards achieving high rankings with Google and typically with Yahoo and Bing. However, in addition to the massive 3, there are other search engines which may be of interest to you. In fact, some of these search engines may prove a much better possibility than Google, Yahoo or Bing. If these search engines square measure employed by your audience, they will be a lot of efficient and it’s price to pay it slow optimizing for them.

If you haven’t detected concerning Baidu, don’t fret. it’s a popular computer program however its reach is not international and this can be why many of us do not even realize it. Still, Baidu is in no way just one a lot of computer program to waste some time with. Baidu is huge in China and since the population of China is more than a billion, if you rank well with Baidu, this may create quite difference. In fact, if you’re operational globally, not to mention if your visitors square measure based primarily in China, you cannot afford to miss this market. On the Chinese market, the share of Baidu is around 60 minutes and it’s the most popular Chinese language computer program. Google is less popular in China than Baidu, thus if your traffic comes from the Chinese market, it pays to optimize your website for Baidu.

The algorithm of Baidu is different from the algorithms of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In a sense, it’s less refined and it rather resembles the algorithms of the opposite search engines from many years many years ago. Here square measure some tips what you ought to waste order to get decent rankings with Baidu:

1. Realize the correct Chinese keywords

Of course, as with other search engines, keywords square measure necessary permanently rankings. you wish to search out the correct Chinese keywords to optimize for. This might be a challenge because Chinese has several dialects and the same words have different meanings in numerous dialects. However, Pinyin Chinese is preferred by Baidu and this can be why Pinyin Chinese is your most suitable option. you ought to stick to it not just for your keywords but for your content as an entire.

2. You wish uncountable content in Chines

Even if Chinese is not the official language of your website, you wish to have several pages in Chinese. With Baidu, content is king – identical as with other search engines. when generating a lot of content in Chinese, follow the official guidelines for what content is acceptable in China because there square measure strict rules there and if you don’t adapt, this could price you not only your good rankings with Baidu.

3. Metatags weight lots

Similarly to the first days of the opposite search engines, with Baidu metatags square measure important, thus don’t forget to form your metatags top-notch. However, do not abuse metatags and don’t stuff them with keywords.

4. Get a Pinyin Chinese name and host your website on a Chinese host

Domain names square measure necessary with Baidu yet. in addition to having keywords in your name, you wish to have a website name in Pinyin Chinese. you’ll be able to use a .com, .net, or .cn extension with it. For even higher results, host your website on a Chinese host because this gives you an additional bonus with Baidu.

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5. Use straightforward navigation structures

Simple navigation structures square measure a must with each computer program but for Baidu they matter even a lot of. Baidu won’t follow links that square measure deeply buried all told varieties of messy code or that go several levels deep in the website hierarchy.

6. Watch for duplicate content

Baidu is extremely strict concerning duplicate content. With the opposite search engines you would possibly also have problems, if you’ve got duplicate content however Baidu is even less tolerant. Use a robots.txt to inform what not to index and you’re safe.

7. No links to bad neighbors and no link farms

Linking to bad neighbors and obtaining links from link farms is not a good idea with any computer program however penalties with Baidusquare measure even a lot of severe, thus you wish to think about this. Also, do not place too several outward-bound links on your website because this also affects your Baidu rankings in a negative method.

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8. Set up beforehand

In Google you’ll be able to get high rankings for a week (though this definitely is not the norm and that we do not mean you ought to use blackhat strategies to achieve it) however with Baidu success doesn’t return that quick. In Baidu it can take half dozen months or a lot of attain|to realize|to attain} the good rankings you’ll achieve in Google nightlong and you wish to require this under consideration. for example, if you’re promoting a summer-related website, you ought to start optimization not later than november, in order that when the season comes, your website can have achieved the rankings you wish.

9. Baidu doesn’t handle Flash and JavaScript

Flash and JavaScript are not Google’s favorites however Baidu fully hates them. this can be why you ought to use Flash and JavaScript provided that you give alternative hypertext mark-up language versions of the content you’ve got incorporated in the Flash/JavaScript. Baidu doesn’t like iFrames either, thus avoid their use yet.

10. Ensure your website is spiderable

As any other computer program, Baidu uses crawlers, thus ensure your website is spiderable. Use a spider simulator to visualize what is accessible from your website and what is not.

As you see, optimization for Baidu is not all different from optimization for any other computer program however it definitely has its specifics. Follow the principles, hold back and sooner or later success can return to you. when you square measure done with your Baidu optimization, it won’t be a surprise, if your website starts ranking higher with Google yet, especially for country-specific searches. when you have so much content in Chinese and a Chinese name, this can inevitably help you to achieve higher rankings for your Chinese search terms in any other computer program.


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