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Yahoo! Is one of the search engine we use, but in this day Yahoo lost its place. Now it has only 8%-10% search market share. With having 8%-10% search market share has also a great value for websites over the word. In this witting I will tell you About Yahoo Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How to do “Yahoo Search Engine Optimization (SEO)“!


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Back in the dawn of the net, Yahoo! was the foremost well-liked search engine for all. when Google arrived, its indisputably appropriate search results made it the popular search engine. However, Google isn’t the only search engine and it’s calculable that regarding 20-25% or searches square measure conducted on Yahoo! Another major player on the market is MSN, which suggests that SEO professionals cannot afford to optimize just for Google however have to be compelled to take into account the specifics of the opposite two engines (Yahoo! and MSN) moreover.


Yahoo Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing for Yahoo!

Optimizing for three search engines at identical time isn’t a simple task. there were times, when the SEO community was inclined to think that the formula of Yahoo! was on deliberately simply the other to the Google formula as a result of pages that ranked high in Google did not do thus well in Yahoo! and contrariwise. The plan to optimize a web site to attractiveness to both search engines typically lead to being kicked out of the highest of both of them.

Although there’s no doubt that the algorithms of the 2 search engines square measure different, since both square measure constantly changing, none of them is formed publicly offered by its authors and therefore the details regarding however every of the algorithms function square measure obtained by speculation supported probe-trial tests for specific keywords, it’s unacceptable to say for certain what exactly is different. what’s additional, having in mind the frequency with that algorithms square measure changed, it’s unacceptable to react to every slight amendment, although algorithms’ details were noted formally. however knowing some basic variations between the 2 does help to get higher ranking. a nice visual representation of the variations in positioning between Yahoo! and Google provides the Yahoo vs Google tool.

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The Yahoo formula – variations With Google

Like all search engines, Yahoo! too spiders the pages on the online, indexes them in its information and later performs numerous mathematical operations to produce the pages with the search results. Yahoo!slurp (the Yahoo! spiderbot) is that the the second most active spider crawler on the web. Yahoo! slurp isn’t different from the opposite bots and if your page misses important components of the SEO combine that build it not spiderable, then it hardly makes a difference that formula are going to be used as a result of you will never get to a prime position. (You may want to undertake the search engine Spider simulator and check what of your pages is spiderable).


Yahoo! slurp may be even more active than Googlebot as a result of sometimes there square measure more pages in the Yahoo! index than in Google. Another alleged difference between Yahoo! and Google is that the sandbox (putting the sites “on hold” for some time until they appear in search results). Google’s sandbox is deeper, thus if you have made recent changes to your web site, you would possibly ought to wait a month or two (shorter for Yahoo! and longer for Google) until these changes square measure reflected in the search results.


With new major changes in the Google formula beneath means (the alleged “Big-Daddy” Infrastructure expected to be totally launched in March-April 2006) it’s arduous to tell if identical SEO ways are going to be hot on Google in two months’ time. one among the supposed changes is that the decrease in weight of links. If this happens, a serious difference between Yahoo! and Google are going to be eliminated as a result of as of nowadays Google places more importance on factors like backlinks, whereas Yahoo! sticks more to on-page factors, like keyword density in the title, the URL, and therefore the headings.

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Of all the variations between Yahoo! and Google, the means keywords in the title and in the universal resource locator square measure treated is that the most significant. If you have the keyword in these two places, then you can expect a prime ten place in Yahoo!. however watch – a title associated an universal resource locator cannot be unlimited and technically you can place no quite three or 4 keywords there. Also, it matters if the keyword in the title and in the universal resource locator is in an exceedingly basic form or if it’s a by-product – e.g. when sorting out “cat”, URLs with “catwalk” will also be displayed in Yahoo! however possibly in the second one hundred results, whereas URLs with “cat” only square measure quite on the subject of the highest.


Since Yahoo! is first a directory for submissions and so a quest engine (with Google it’s simply the opposite), a site, that has the keyword in the category it’s listed beneath, stands a better chance to be in the beginning of the search results. With Google this is not that important. For Yahoo! keywords in filenames additionally score well, whereas for Google this is not an element of outstanding importance.

But the most important difference is keyword density. the higher the density, the higher the positioning with Yahoo! however watch – a number of the keyword-rich sites on Yahoo! can with no problem fall under the keyword-stuffed category for Google, thus if you plan to score well on Yahoo!(with keyword density higher than 7-8%), you risk to be prohibited by Google!

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Yahoo WebRank!

Following Google’s example, Yahoo! introduced a web toolbar that collects anonymous statistics regarding which internet sites users browse, thus means getting associate collective value (from 0 to 10) of however well-liked a given web site is. the higher the value, the more well-liked a web site is and therefore the more valuable the backlinks from it square measure.


Although WebRank and positioning in the search results are not directly correlated, there’s a dependency between them – sites with high WebRank tend to position on top of comparable sites with lower WebRank and therefore the WebRanks of the highest 20-30 results for a given keyword square measure most frequently higher than 5.00 on the average.

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The practical value of WebRank as a measure of success is commonly discussed in SEO communities and therefore the general opinion is that this is not the foremost relevant metrics. However, one among the advantages of WebRank is that it alerts Yahoo! slurp that a replacement page has appeared, thus tempting it to spider it, if it’s not already in the Yahoo! Search index.


When Yahoo! toolbar was launched in 2004, it had associate icon that showed the WebRank of the page that is presently open in the browser. Later this feature has been removed however still there square measure tools on the web that allow to ascertain the WebRank of a selected page. for example, this tool permits to ascertain the WebRanks of a whole bunch of pages at a time.


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