Ojooo strategy money making auto bot (Updated 2018-2019 edition)


Hi, Now i will tell you Ojooo strategy money making auto bot! If you are wanting to earn from Paid-to-Click(PTC) sites then your in the right place. I will tell you how to earn from Ojooo, how to make it bigger, it’s strategy and of course auto bot using technique. Are you ready to earn more, are you want to know this strategy of earning, then lets start…Ojooo strategy money making auto bot (Updated 2018-2019 edition)


Ojooo strategy money making auto bot

What is Wad.Ojooo and how can we make money in it?:

Wad.Ojooo is Paid-to-Click (PTC) site in which you can earn money by simply visiting/viewing the advertisements(AD). It is a German/Polish site established on March 19, 2013 by company Ojooo Deutschland GmbH, based in Germany/Poland. Michael Thees is the owner of Ojooo. You can earn from $0.001 to $0.035 per AD viewing for 5 seconds to 60 seconds on Ojooo . You can view around 100 AD everyday within Wad.Ojooo.

You can earn more money from Ojooo if you can refer more people because you get commissions from them when they referrals view ads same like you. You can also earn commissions from your purchased referral called/ rented referral called RR. More you can earn from it by viewing video, completing offers, taking surveys and also trying Ojooo grid.

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Ojooo strategy money making auto bot and how to work with:

1. Sign up Ojooo using this link or link.

2. After sign up complete email verification.

3. Now download this opera 12.14 version browser-




4. Then download this script/auto bot-



Earn 0.5 Bitcoin By Working From Home

5. Now install opera 12.14 version never update it, if you do it then this robot will not work.

Now see this video with attention:

All that things you need to know, you will find all of those in the video.

Use auto bot on Ojooo and grow your earning.

Ojooo strategy: make your earning bigger see here.

Payment processor are paypal, payza, okpay.

My 11th payment proof:

Ojooo strategy money making auto bot

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